Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Next Years Halloween Costume


Is it to early to start planning my Halloween costume for next year?

This year for Halloween I was Riveting Rosie, everyone asked me who I was (LOL), I really liked how the costume came together, especially since it was warm for working in the non heated 4H carnival!

However, next Halloween I am going for the cartoon character look! Isn't this idea clever? I can hardly wait! I wonder if I'll have an excuse to wear it sooner? Hmmm..brainstorm time.

Oh, and these pumpkins are also on my 2011 to do list! Another fabulously clever idea!


My Favorite Vacation

On this trip, we got to go canoeing!

When given the prompt for what to right this sponsored blog post on, I had to think for a while. Not on coming up with something to write, but rather what to not write! I have so many crazy traveling stories from the months (yes, months!) I've spent traveling! However, one big one comes to mind.

It was the Winter that I was 14 (until February 17th, when I turned 15). My family and I (including little brother who at the time was 13) all found ourselves down in sunny Florida for the Winter (who wants the negative 50 degree winter's of MN?). For the first two months, we stayed in a private campground about an hour south of Disneyworld. Now, the town that we stayed in had hardly a thing to do. A little flea market, a library, a small antique shop with a crabby lady working in it, and that was about it to do there activity wise! Oh wait, there was a country club that we could go to for free because of the deal the campground we were staying at had made with the club - however, the country's club had an unheated outdoor pool that was 60 degrees - believe me, it was freezing (yup, we swam in it many times!). The campground that we were staying at also didn't have much to do....unless you count Bingo and shuffle board (Adam and I made friends with the greatest elderly man who was 70 something going on 17, and we played hours upon hours of shuffleboard). Pretty soon two teenagers living in a campground in a camper for months on ends, get a wee bit (ok, more than a wee bit) stir crazy!

Meet Jim (or Jimbo) the camp owner. We soon made friends and when his son, who was around 7 or 8, came to the campground from New York, the fun began. Jim, his son, and his little girl Ali (who I babysit a lot) Adam and I learned how to disk golf with them. We also bikes miles upon miles with them, and we even petted a giraffe that a neighbor had as a pet! Spending time with them made time go buy much quicker. It was sad when we left the campground, however, we were looking forward to spending a few more months farther down south in Florida.

This Winter we spent in Florida was wonderful, we had so much fun (despite going a bit stir crazy!) and I'm looking forward to visiting Florida again some day!

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Monday, November 1, 2010

I'll Be There, will you?

When we were younger
Image Unknown - Found Via Drifter and the Gypsy

I'm looking forward to the first Double Duty Diva's Twitter party! There will be loads of great giveaways and more!

To RSVP and get more information, sign up here!

On another note, have you seen the gorgeous new line that Free People has started? Wee People! Clothes from our favorite designers, scaled down to fit little ones! So adorable!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Look to the Skye Flower Belt

Strawberry Vintage by you.

Look to the Sky Flower Belt DIY Project

"i like being silly with you.

you make me laugh and smile, and when i am feeling like that, i feel like i can do anything." ~ I am blessed

I was inspired by this Down East Basics belt:

Down East Basics Belt by you.
And so I decided to create one of my own!

P5100096 by you.

Crafting 5 little flowers by taking sets of 5 squares of chiffon, cutting them into circles, stitching and bending them in different ways so they looked like flowers.

P5100148 by you.

I then added little diamonds to the center, added 3 pleats on each side of the where I was to add the flowers, hot glued the flowers onto a wide piece of white satin ribbon....

Running into the clouds by you.

And am having the best of time wearing it!

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