Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It's Funny - Traveling

When you travel a lot, and for long periods at a time, you begin to learn a lot. One thing that I realized on our two month "vacation" to California - from the ocean by LA and Sand Diego - to the middle of the desert - to the top of the snow peaked mountains, and to stunning San Francisco, we experienced a lot, I learned that it isn't necessarily the big experiences that make the trip memorable. Rather, it's the little things. Disneyland? Ha, that was fun but nothing compared to being stuck out in the middle of the desert in the middle of no where, with night falling upon you. Or how about coyotes howling right outside you camper door in a campground in the mountains while you are the only camper there? Or raccoons climbing up the steps and the camper trying to get in!

Another something that I love about our camping trips is probably want my friends would put in their least liked lists....driving. Driving to and fro, from La to the peak of a mountains how ever many hours away. Goodness, even driving the many miles from home in Minnesota to California! It may be a crazy long ride, but you see a lot of amazing things, have a lot of great conversations, and learn to embrace not taking a shower for three days (ok, I didn't grow attached to that one).

When it comes to food and camping - one of the first things that come to mind is Coca Cola. See it's an ongoing disagreement in my family - some like Coca Cola others like Dr. Pepper. They are so different! Agreed? Well, to settle that we bought regular Coke and Cherry coke. Few. Satisfying for both sides. Anyways, Coke played a part in our trip because it was always the perfect thing to throw in the bag to go with the many sandwiches we ate on the many days on the road. Or, for the campgrounds that's water was "a la gris".....(gray) Divine, eh?

Well, for those days when you really want to spice things up and are extremely sick of the usual sandwiches and want something special, here's an extremely easy "recipe" that uses Coca Cola - Cherry.

Cherry Coca Cola Floats

1 can of cherry coca cola
2 - 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream
a spoon and cup
And of course, fabulous you waiting to indulge yourself in this great concoction!

Now, to even add more deliciousness to the friend taught me this little trick. Stir the float until it's all smooth and turns into a float shake, absolutely delicious indeed!

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Image Via Sarah Klassen Image Vogue Russia April 2011