Thursday, December 31, 2009

Place Card Inspiration

Today I found out about this blog, Blomsterverks, via Pure Style Home, and am enjoying looking at all of the beautiful eye candy! Even if I can't read most of the posts because they are in a different language!

I really liked her place card idea:

Isn't it pretty? It looks so put together and creative, but yet it is simple and a perfect addition to your table! I just love it! Imagine the table setting you could make complementing these!

Aren't these chair decorations just beautiful as well? I can imagine them at a fancy party or at a wedding.

I think that this is really pretty. I love how she decorated the pot up with the music sheets and a little bit of green and twine! And then the air plants in them!! So cute! I will be collecting air plants when we go to Florida now, I have to try this!

Wouldn't a centerpiece of peaches be adorable for a Summer dinner? So simple but sweet!

I will show you just one more before I make you go over to her blog and look for yourself!!!

Another darling centerpiece!!!

Now...go!! And if you happen to want to come back to my blog afterwords, let me know how much you liked it!

All images from Blomsterverks

Monday, December 21, 2009

DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping

Christmas Gifts by you.

I had fun wrapping gifts for my Riding Instructors and thought I would share with you!

For C's gift, I used some snowflake paper and tied it with sparkly yarn then printed out a deer from Bambi and Venner found via Creature Comforts on white card stock and then got out my glitter and sparkled it up a bit! I am loving how it turned out...what do you think?

L's gift turned out super cute as well, I thought! I loved the Pear wrapping paper download from Creature Comforts! I then added a brown ribbon. I also added a little pair gift tag that was also in the printable set, I used green sparkles around the edges of the pair. It turned out really cute! One tip though - because the paper is printable it is somewhat difficult to wrap a large present with. So, before wrapping be sure to tape all of the pieces together very well! I didn't do that, and regret that I didn't! I did tape them together - just not enough! It was rather hard to maneuver! However, if you have a small gift, it would be perfect!

Tell me - how do you like to wrap your gifts this year? Are you in a certain gift wrapping style mood this year? I am loving the craft paper gift wrap, however, we ran out on the first gift!


Creative and Unique Christmas Trees

Tis the season for Christmas Trees! There are so many unique ideas and I have seen a few trees that have swayed from the traditional path, but still look lovely! Take a peek:

Pink Christmas Tree

I will admit - I usually think pink Christmas trees are somewhat cheesy, however, for some reason it "works" nicely in this room! From Making it Lovely

Why not a Christmas Tree out of ornaments? Found via automatism

A stick tree instead of a traditional Christmas tree! Again, it really works for this room! And it is very unique! The next picture is a view of it during night:

See it reflecting on the ceiling? This tree is from Made By Girl

This is lovely....

A very green and original Christmas tree! Plus - I love the purple! LotusHaus Blog

And last, but definitely not least... Dottie Angel's lovely tree!

This is another one I found VIA LotusHaus, however, it is Martha Stewarts fab idea!

Asian-Inspired Christmas Tree

Which tree is your favorite? I think that Dottie Angels tree might be mine!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Spool No. 72


Thanks to Tonya from Kotori blog I found out about an amazing shop called Spool No. 72! My oh my! They have some beautiful pieces! I hope you enjoy :)