Monday, December 21, 2009

DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping

Christmas Gifts by you.

I had fun wrapping gifts for my Riding Instructors and thought I would share with you!

For C's gift, I used some snowflake paper and tied it with sparkly yarn then printed out a deer from Bambi and Venner found via Creature Comforts on white card stock and then got out my glitter and sparkled it up a bit! I am loving how it turned out...what do you think?

L's gift turned out super cute as well, I thought! I loved the Pear wrapping paper download from Creature Comforts! I then added a brown ribbon. I also added a little pair gift tag that was also in the printable set, I used green sparkles around the edges of the pair. It turned out really cute! One tip though - because the paper is printable it is somewhat difficult to wrap a large present with. So, before wrapping be sure to tape all of the pieces together very well! I didn't do that, and regret that I didn't! I did tape them together - just not enough! It was rather hard to maneuver! However, if you have a small gift, it would be perfect!

Tell me - how do you like to wrap your gifts this year? Are you in a certain gift wrapping style mood this year? I am loving the craft paper gift wrap, however, we ran out on the first gift!


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  1. Those turned out really cute. I love the reindeer. Merry Christmas