Tuesday, January 12, 2010

DIY Scissors

These DIY Scissors are so easy to do, and so much fun! Take a regular pair of scissors and spruce them up!
Materials used:
-2 pairs of scissors (one to cute to shape and the other to decorate!)
-Scrabooking Paper
-Beacon Liquid Laminate (I'm sure ModPodge would work just fine as well!)
1. Cut a rectangular piece of paper that is large enough to cover the cutting parts of your scissors.
2. Put the piece of paper face down on the blade part of the scissors, take your pencil and draw around the little circle or triangle part on top where the cutting part ends.
3. Cut out the part that you just drew
4. Take your Beacon Liquid Laminate and apply it to the blade part of the scissors, try not to get it on any of the joints!
5. Stick your piece of scrabooking paper on it.
6. Trim.
7. Repeat on other blade.
8. Finished!

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