Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Its a Charmed Life

You know the feeling? The feeling when you feel absolutely, fantastically, giddy? High on life? Charmed in every way? I love the feeling. Maybe we can narrow and pin the feeling down to "lucky." I don't know - I think it's a mixture. A mixture of all of the above and more. So much more.

Many times, I will listen to a song, and feel ecstatic after wards. I feel so amazingly lucky that the lyrics from the song explain my life.

Now...that's just one time that I ever feel lucky.

There are a hundred more times, every day, every hour, every minute. Sure, there are times when I feel down, angry, frustrated, and just plane kap-poot. I'm so happy that most of the time, it's the other way around though!

I can't even begin to list all of the things that I feel "lucky" about. I am happy that I have a wonderful family, friends, animals, dreams, goals, a warm house. A lake that I can walk to and a friend and a brother that loves to swim at that lake with me.

I am lucky to have you guys! Leaving comments, supporting this blog! I also feel overwhelmingly lucky to all of the blogs out there that are at my fingertips to read. I love the inspiration that I have found and the person that I have become because of it! Isn't it amazing that others, people that you don't have know in "real" life, can inspire you so much? Amazing indeed!

I also feel lucky to travel a lot. Our family and I just got back from a two month vacation in California. Previous years, we've spent months in Texas and Florida. So many crazy experiences! Very crazy experiences that are unforgettable - like the fish hook getting stuck in the dogs belly, getting stranded in the middle of the desert, camping at a campground that smelled very strongly of sewer, and coming across a camel on a bike ride with some friends that we met.

While traveling, sitting in the camper away from our friends and family, I have to say you get a little lonesome for normal things. Not to mention bored at times (for example...when brother and dad go hiking for three days in a row leaving the girls to sit around in the camper in the middle of now where....). However, I was lucky enough to find free Redbox codes to rent a movie and escape from it all and get a little imaginary socialization! Redbox is seeming to give us the luck of the Irish, and is offering a promotion, Redbox Lucky to Have Friends Like you, where when you refer friends to rent a movie, you'll get a free code for a night of a great movie to watch! I'm really wanting to watch "Life as we Knot it" and "The Romantics" right now, how about you?

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